Practising Existential Therapy. Ernesto Spinelli

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Тип товара: Книга
Авторы: Ernesto Spinelli
Издательство: Sage Publications
Год: 2014
Количество страниц: 288
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Drawn from the author’s experience as an internationally-recognised theorist, lecturer and practitioner, this practical book elucidates the notoriously difficult and distinctly different therapeutic approach, existential therapy. Balancing theory and practice, the book provides trainees with an accessible introduction to the author’s own three phase structural model for existential therapy, one which has become widely established and used in training and practice.

Substantially revised and updated throughout, Part One examines the philosophical underpinnings, essential theory and distinctive features of existential therapy while Part Two goes on to present the author's structural model for practice. Both parts are now prefaced by useful schematic overviews which introduce the content and pinpoint key themes in each chapter, helping readers to navigate the text with ease. Practical exercises encourage further engagement with the text and the themes, issues and practices under consideration.

Seen by existential therapists across the world as one of the most influential books on the topic, this new edition is an essential read for all those training, practising or interested in existential therapy. 


Introduction To The Second Edition
Existential Therapy: Three Key Principles Existence Themes And Concerns Worlding And The Worldview Existential Phenomenological Critiques of Therapy Existential Therapy: An Overview
A Structural Model For Practising Existential Therapy: An Introduction Phase One: Co-Creating The Therapy-World Phase Two: Co-Habiting The Therapy-World Phase Three: Closing Down The Therapy-World Addenda: Existential Therapy With Couples; Existential Therapy With Groups; Time-Limited Existential therapy; Existential Supervision Conclusion
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